In my previous position I was responsible for moving our on-production-line, data gathering from a simple spreadsheet into a complex web-application builder named Tulip. This was the most challenging project that I led because it was incredibly complex and I could do none of the work directly.

Whereas other projects were short or I could lead the "development" phase, this project required me handing over all deliverables, including development, to the team and coaching them through the use of the app builder, development, and publishing.

Through this project I learned much and would like to share these pieces here.

Handling Development and Design

First I believe some definitions are useful as much of this terminology doesn't seem to be codified.

  • System - The process that is being integrated into a computer system or changing phsyical process.
  • Design - The creative process or the finished write-up that lays out the new process's steps and terminology

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