Current Projects:

MORPS Universe

MORPS (Minnas Open Role-Playing Science-fiction) Universe is a MediaWiki site containing information that can help you run a science-fiction role-playing game without relying on using a proprietary system such as Star Wars. The MORPS wiki provides a Game Master with a wealth of easily accessible knowledge allowing them to focus on storytelling without worrying about the intricacies of world-building.

Please check it out at

Generajob is a website currently being written in Javascript using Node.js as the engine. It allows users to pull Job Descriptions (JD) and procedurally generate a resume and/or cover letter from it. Allowing users to quickly craft cover letters or reorganize resumes to highlight the most relevant experience or change wording to more closely reflect the JD. If you're interested in providing help for this site please email me or text my work phone number on the homepage.

Most of the sourcecode is available on my github under the generajob repository.

Completed Projects:

Business Integration Projects

I have finished many business integration projects and find them quite fascinating. I am available for hire or happy to communicate as a resource if you have questions about your current project. Unfortunately this info is mainly proprietary to my previous employer and so I cannot share it here. Please check my blog or LinkedIn profile for resources.